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What Is The Procedure For Getting A Passport Picture Taken?

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Body to Camera Distance

To ensure the best outcome, it is recommended that you are 40 cm away from the camera and have someone else capture the image.

Straight-ahead Posture

Make sure the camera is on the same level as your face and hold an emotionless look to get the best results.


Align yourself nearest to the luminescent source, for example near a window that is exposed to natural light, and the backdrop behind you will be erased automatically, so you don‘t need to worry about it.


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US Passport Photo - ​Requirements

For your US passport photo, adhere to these crucial guidelines:
These passport–style pictures are biometric, rendering more precise and credible identification while studying and downloading different traits. When trying to take one, be sure to stand facing forward, averting any glances away from others. Generally, the background should be single and hashed, although this qualification may change.
The guidelines concerning eyewear and headgear are still the same, with the advice to be photographed without wearing a hat or glasses, except for prescription ones so long as they do not create a glare that may result in the rejection of the passport picture.

US passport photo - Dimensions and Size

The dimensions of the image to be submitted should be taken into account, with the head to the bottom of the chin measuring between 1–1.375 inches (25–35mm) and the eyes 1.125–1.375 inches (28–35mm) from the base of the photo, not the base of the chin.
Thanks to our cutting–edge A.I. algorithm, it is now possible to create a flawless passport photo. Our technology alters the backdrop of the image, converting it into a US passport photo, no matter where it was initially taken.

Digital Passport Photo

““ allows you to swiftly and easily take a professional–looking biometric passport picture in your own home, providing a convenient solution designed with your comfort in mind. Our service eliminates the hassle of having to go to a professional studio, making the process both effortless and time–efficient.
This software has been developed to make it easy to take a picture with your cell phone which is sure to meet all the necessary official requirements for a passport picture. It can take account of lighting, cropping, and background details so you know your photo will be suitable.
You can submit multiple attempts until you‘re completely pleased with the outcome, and you won‘t be charged until you‘re satisfied with the result. There‘s no longer a requirement to go anywhere or arrange a meeting.